Chapter Officers for 

Winter Term 2015-2016

Master Councilor: Chase Sullivan

Senior Councilor: Logan Banks

Junior Councilor: Chandler Young

Senior Deacon: Hunter Banks

Junior Deacon: 

Senior Steward: 

Junior Steward: 



Standard Bearer: 

Scribe: Blake McElroy, PMC, RD, PSM


Advisory Council

Chairmen of Advisory Council- Hans Wilson, Sr.

Chapter Dad- Nathan "Skip" Mason


                Dad Mike Benedetti "Big Daddy B"

                Dad Dan Draper

​                Mom Draper

                Dad Bruce Gunnin

                Dad C.E. Buster Horne

                Dad Kounta Kante

                Dad Bill Lewis

                Dad Ward Standridge

                Dad Charlie Pruett

                Dad Jacob Wells

                Mom Lona Sullivan

                Mom Posey

                Dad Fred Ring


Chapter Members

Chase Sullivan

Logan Banks

Chandler Young

Hunter Banks

Justin Blake

Justin Williamson

Blake McElroy

Jackson Fussell

Benton Kante

Jason Claire

Devon Ivie

Hans Wilson Jr.

​State Officers from Peachtree City DeMolay

Past State Master Councilor- Mike Benedetti

Past State Master Councilor- Hunter Sullivan

Past Illustrious Knight Commander- Chris Benedetti

Past State Senior Councilor- Jackson Fussell

Past State Marshal- Blake McElroy

Past Illustrious Knight Commander- Benton Kante

State Sweetheart- Miss Sierra Ring


​Chapter Sweetheart

Miss Jennifer Young

Sweetheart Court

Miss Skylar Ring

Past International Congress officers

44th International Master Councilor- Mike Benedetti

Past Region 3 Cabinet Member- Chris Benedetti

Past Region 3 Cabinet Member- Hunter Sullivan

Past Master Councilors from Peachtree City Chapter


Alex Bernard (Bean Dip)

Mike Benedetti (Tony)

Chris Benedetti (Steve)

Nick Yingling

Hunter Sullivan

Greg Nichols

Chad Greer

​Mike Nichols

Hans Wilson, Jr.

Jackson Fussell

Hans Wilson, Jr.

Ty Biester

​Justin Williamson

Jackson Fussell

​Aric Shepheard

​Blake McElroy

Benton Kante

​Samir Davis

Peachtree City Chapter Order of DeMolay