Peachtree City Chapter Order of DeMolay


These are some questions commonly asked by parents and young men. Hopefully this page will answer your questions. What is DeMolay?  
DeMolay is a youth group for teenage boys that allow a young man to learn leadership skills through his own active involvement.  DeMolay allows an opportunity for young men to develop their own management ability and public speaking skills.  The DeMolay program offers athletics, social activities and charitable community involvement, by which efforts a young man learns teamwork, pride of accomplishment, dedication, ability to achieve and communication skills. 
Who can join DeMolay? 

DeMolay accepts applications from all young men between 12 and 21 years of age.  It is required that applicants be of good character and believe in a supreme being. 
Is religion taught in DeMolay? 

DeMolay does not teach or require any particular religion.  DeMolay does urge members to attend their own individual place of worship. 
Who sponsors DeMolay? 

DeMolay Chapters are sponsored by recognized groups of Masons.  The sponsoring body provides the meeting facilities and an adult group of advisors. DeMolay Chapters, therefore meet in Masonic lodge buildings. Our chapter's sponsor is East Point Lodge #288.
Who are the adult advisors? 

The adult advisors for each DeMolay Chapter are made up of men who volunteer their time for the youth.  They could be Masons, Senior DeMolay (former DeMolay members over 21 years) or nonMasonic fathers.  All advisors must submit an “Adult Worker Profile” to the State DeMolay Executive Officer prior to being accepted as an advisor and all advisors must complete an advisortraining program developed by DeMolay International.  Advisors are recruited by the sponsoring body and serve at the discretion of the DeMolay Executive Officer for Georgia.    
Who supervises the events? 

Members of the advisory board supervise all events.  It is not an official DeMolay event unless it is first approved by the advisory board and then supervised by at least two advisors.  Volunteer parents are welcome to assist as chaperones and/or drivers for events, but advisors will always be present. 
How can parents get involved? 

Each Chapter strives to have an active Parents Club who assists the advisors by volunteering to prepare meeting refreshments (a very important part of the meeting!), attend the Chapter activities and generally assist the advisors.  All fathers are welcome to officially join the advisory board. 
Does DeMolay have insurance? 

Yes.  Georgia DeMolay is part of a national insurance policy secured at our national  headquarters.  It is a secondary policy, as the individual’s insurance is the primary source. 
Is DeMolay a “Junior Masons”? 

Absolutely not.  The Masonic Fraternity proudly sponsors the young men of DeMolay as a service to the community and to the youth, as part of Masonry’s large-scale charitable efforts.  DeMolay membership does not automatically make a young man a Mason at the age of twenty-one.  A DeMolay member, upon attaining the age of twenty-one, may ask for an application for membership to join Masonry, just as any other applicant would make such a request.  
What is Freemasonry? 

While commonly called Masons, Freemasonry is centuries old and the largest fraternal organization in the world.  The worldwide membership consists of more than six million men from every race, creed, color and political persuasion.  Freemasonry is NOT a “secret society”, as the only “secrets” are traditional signs and words used between members.  The only real secret is that Masonry has no secrets.  Any man, over 21 years of age and of good character, may seek membership.  Freemasonry does not solicit members, and traditionally, waits for an interested person to ask for membership.  Freemasonry is not a religion, is not “anti” any other group and favors no particular religion, but believes in a supreme being.  Freemasonry’s charitable efforts are second to none.  The Masonic umbrella of organizations, including the Shriners, Scottish Rite, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, and others, donate over $1.5 million per day to charity
What time will be required for my son? 

That is strictly an individual’s choice.  Each young man decides his own level of involvement.  Besides meetings, the young men may choose to run weekend activities such as dances, camping trips or trips to interesting places.  The athletics are normally on Sunday afternoons.  Your son will have the opportunity to accept more responsibility by striving for an office, or he could choose to sit back and enjoy more of the social aspects.  A young man will tend to “find time” for what interests him.  The organization fully realizes, and emphasizes the fact, that it is secondary to family, school, religion and the other priorities of life.  DeMolay seeks to reinforce these important parts of a young man’s life.  
What will my son gain from DeMolay membership? 

Every young man has the opportunity to excel in DeMolay in whatever part of DeMolay attracts him.  The more involvement he has, the more of an opportunity exists.  He can learn basic leadership skills, public speaking and general life skills.  He will have the opportunity to meet many other young men and perhaps make the friendships of a lifetime.  He will have the opportunity to learn teamwork while accomplishing goals with his peers.  He will have the opportunity of having the satisfaction of working for charitable efforts or civic projects.  He will have the opportunity of attending social and fun activities.  He will have the opportunity to earn scholarships for his education.  He will have the opportunity of attending special seminars and conferences focusing on leadership training.  This could be, for your son, the experience of a lifetime.  It certainly has been for many others.